Perhaps you are going on a well deserved vacation, or a last-minute business trip pops up. Maybe a few days are needed for your pet to adjust to the arrival of a new family member. And don’t forget moving or strangers (i.e., carpenters, painters, etc.) can be stressful on our pets. The Nanny and her family will give your pets the love and nurturing they deserve and give you peace of mind!

Nature’s Nanny wants to ensure that your pets are in their “home-away-from-home” so we do everything we can to maintain your pet’s routine, including meals, sleeping arrangements, medications and other needs they may require.

The Nanny will make sure your pets are given lots of love, exercise and attention.

Unlike most boarding facilities, your pets are NEVER alone overnight.

We provide safe transportation of your pets to and from your home to ours when needed

Specialty Services

Puppy Care

Because we are not a typical boarding facility we are able to accept puppies at a younger age than other boarding facilities. Pupies receive extra special attention for crate training, potty training, including letting them out throughout the night, and basic commands. Because dogs are pack animals by nature they learn great socializing skills at an early age playing with their new friends at the Nanny’s. And we will also do our best to use the same training techniques, command words and rules that will be used in your home.

Convalescent and Senior Care

The Nanny has many years experience with convalescing pets and senior care. As our beloved pets age they need extra loving care to ensure their senior years are happy, safe and secure. The Nanny’s family will provide the necessary medications, extra potty breaks, special accommodations for those that need a quieter environment and other required care, such as special meals, injections, IV fluids or bandages changes. By arrangement the Nanny will transport your pet to your vet appointments, MedVet, OSU etc…


Other Fur and Feathered Care

The Nanny welcomes bunnies and birds of all sizes. Since these pets have their own unique personalities, we will have a consultation to coordinate your pet’s special needs (play time, cage cleaning, treats, etc.)

Pets on the Move

The Nanny has experience with and can provide travel preparations for regional, cross-country or even international travel for your pets. This can include preparing for air travel and compliance with state or country pet transport regulations such as vaccines and obtaining veterinary documentation. In unique cases, the Nanny’s family can provide transportation services, based on availability.